Poker and some of its basic rules

Poker, and especially online poker, which has become a popular hobby in the last time, has some easy rules that need to be understood before one can start to play.

Generally spoken, poker is a card game making use of betting rules and hand rankings. There are many versions of poker games, mainly having their difference in the way of the cards being dealt, how hands can be formed, what criteria a hand needs in order to win, e.g. being the highest or lowest hand, what limits there are on bets and how many rounds of betting can be made.

In many versions of poker, the first round of a game begins with some kind of forced bet. The round then continues to the left. Each player, one after the other, has to either match the maximum previous bet or fold his hand, thereby losing the amount he bet so far and also all further interest in this hand. A player, who matches a bet, may also raise its value, meaning he increases the bet.

The round of betting ends, when all players have matched the last bet or have folded. If only one player remains, because all the others have folded, he is the one to collect the pot. There is no need to show the hand in this case. If there is more than one player left after the last betting round, the hands are shown on the table, and whoever has the winning hand gets the pot.

The first bet is a forced bet. Afterwards money is placed in the pot by players, who think that they have good chances to win. Hands are usually viewed by chance. The most important factors deciding in the game are psychology and probability.
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